Shri Guru Pramatma was born in Delhi on 22ndof October 1967. He belonged to a lower middle class family and did his schooling from government school called Tent Wala School. He was known as Vipin in school. After completing his high school, he did a diploma course in Television and Audio Video. In 1984 he got his first job in Delhi and his salary was Rs 140/- per month. Since this salary was not enough for survival, he did a part time job along with his regular job to earn some extra penny. Along with his job, he enrolled himself in DU for somecorrespondence course. After clearing his 2nd year, unfortunately he had to discontinue with his education.

In 1989, Parmatma started his own business, he established a manufacturing unit of Colour T.V. In 1997, he even involved in the manufacturing unit of Photo Framing. In the year of 2000, Parmatma left his parent’s house along with his Wife, daughter and a two and a half year old son. He did not take a single penny from his parents, neither did he ask...


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Jagte Raho Part - 1
Jagte Raho Part - 1
Jagte Raho Part - 1
Jagte Raho Part - 1
Jagte Raho Part - 1




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