Tumhare Tatha Kathik Chamtkar Dikhaney Wale Rameshanand, Sureshanand, Dineshanand, Nikhileshwaranand etc. So Called Banay Huay Tialk Dhari, Chola Dhari Mahatma Tumhey Galat Marg Per Le Jaty Hai, Unsey So Sadak Ka Madari Sachaa Hai. Wo Kahta Hai Yeh Hath Ki Safai Hai Kewal, Inhey Bolo Vigyan Ke Agey Chamatkar Siddh Kare Sab Chamatkari Madari Dum Daba Kar Bhag Jayengy, In Chamatkari Babaoo Ko Madari Ka Kam Khol Lena Chahiye.

 There Are More Than 300-600 Type Of Dharam In The World That Means Total 1200 Nos Of Swarag Narak Will Be Available As Per Your Dharam Guru Says. Search In Which World Is This Located.  According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. (ref by google)

If Your Way Of Teaching Towards Dharma Is Correct Then Why People Doing Suicide. Do You Know One Person Die By Suicide In Every 40 Seconds In The World. 1 Million People Doing Suicide Every Year In The World. That Means There Are Some Mistakes In The Way Of Dharma Which You Teach To The People. as per data of WHO.

The Parmatma Provide Us The Real Way Of Dharma By This Knowledge Or By This Technique You Will Feel Calm And Relax Also Get Moksha Dasha, Buddha Dasha Sakshi Dasha, All These Questions Are Still Unsolved In Your Mind I.E. Where Is The Parmatma How To Get Parmatma These Type Of Query Will Be Solve.

 Parmatma Teach Us How To Get Moksha Dasha, How To Get Buddha Dasha, How To Get Sakshi Dasha, How To Get Drishta, What Is Dhyan, Om Parmatmay Namha, Jagte Raho. Ashtawakra Geeta, Sat Naam, Jap Ji Sahib, Nanak Da Sahib, Mukti Ka Marg, Gyan Ka Marg,

sawdhan bach kar rahna. kisi dineshanand, nikhileshvaranand, sureshanand, maheshanad etc so called tantrik se,